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Paul Nicol

Welcome to np marketing - Nicol Property Marketing.  Thank you for visiting!  I am a Chicago area photographer focusing on real estate, interior, commercial, and aerial photography.  My cliental include residential and commercial real estate brokers, individual property owners, real estate investors, contractors and builders, businesses, designers, and landscape architects.

My work is detailed, well thought, and accomplished with the goal of making spaces memorable to those who view my photos.  

Your property, project, or space should be memorable and a valuable marketing tool.  I can help get you there.


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 Paul and his little apprentice.

Paul and his little apprentice.


"Paul is the best real estate photographer around.   He is always on time and very professional.  He has great vision for picking out the best shot and never needs any direction from me.  My clients are consistently amazed with how well his photos turn out.  Many of my colleagues have started using Paul after seeing his great work.  His aerial drone shots are excellent.  I highly recommend Paul!"  -Jeff Abbott, Broker, Cris Realty

"Paul is a true professional.  He is punctual, courteous, and efficient.  He knows exactly what photos need to be taken and he goes straight to work.  He delivers on time and his work is amazing."  -Cindy Banks, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Cornerstone

"The photos taken of my jobs are top notch.  The composition accents both the detail of my work and the overall aesthetic of the installation.  We entered one of our projects Paul photographed into the Unilock Awards of Excellence and earned a top spot.  Our success in the competition is in no small part attributable to Paul's great shots."  -Mike Bonifacio, Owner, Elemental Landscapes

"We had buyers lined up to see the house even before it was listed because of our fantastic photos.  Thanks to those photos we received an offer within hours!  Paul's compositions were creative and well thought out.  We would highly recommend Paul to anyone who's listing their home and want to draw people in."  -Doug & Jess

"In our industry, capturing images of our work is a crucial piece of advertising properly.  After researching other individuals, no one was able to offer us the professionalism, flexibility, and most importantly, the quality we were looking for more than Paul and np marketing.  His eye for detail and professionalism with our customers has made him an invaluable resource and we would recommend him to anyone considering using a professional property photographer."  -Caitlin Van Groningen, Marketing Manager, Jondec Painting

"The photos Paul took of our investment properties were terrific.  They have helped immensely in marketing to other investors.  Paul's work is first rate and he was an absolute pleasure to work with."  -Rick Pedi, Partner, RBMJ Real Estate


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